Our Story

Once upon a time in December 2010, Jess and Rob met at a friend's birthday party. And again at another birthday weeks later. Three days after, they went out with another group of friends. Then months passed without a peep, until early April, when Jess mistakenly texted Rob, asking for a ride to Strawberry Hills (a local horse race). The consummate gentleman, Rob called back, leaving a voicemail to explain that, yes, of course he would give Jess a ride ... although he hadn't planned on going ... and didn't actually know when it was ... but, if she needed a ride, he would be there. Realizing her error, Jess sent her embarrassed apologies, but this set the stage for their next encounter. By this time, it was mid-May, and the two talked all night. Two weeks later, they had their first date: the Greek Festival. Their second date: a concert & picnic at Dogwell Dell. By their third date, they were smitten.

They met each other's families in July, took their first camping trip in October (but that's another story for another time), and continued growing closer by the day. So, when Rob took Jess to the top of the Currituck Lighthouse and proposed in July 2012, he wasn't the least bit surprised by her response: "Absolutely. Yes, I mean, yes, I absolutely will marry you."